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Commission Story: Marc and Nicoles Custom Anniversary Gift

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Every Wednesday I am going to be bringing you the stories behind some of my favorite commissions! Since it's Valentine's Day, we'll stick with the theme of love. Here is the story of Marc's custom anniversary gift to his wife Nicole!

I met Marc and Nicole on the food tour I lead in Boston and we got to talking about the amazing food-filled trip they took to Italy the summer before. Marc showed me all of their pictures and decided on a photo from a fantastic charcuterie place they visited as the one for his painting.

Marc and Nicole in Italy

Marc and Nicole in Italy

He told me it was a gorgeous sunny day (hence her sunglasses!) and he wanted to make sure the colors of the painting captured that. I decided to stay true to the colors in the original photo while pumping up the saturation and vibrancy.

I started by transferring the photo to the canvas and filling in all of the color blocks

phase 1 starting the painting

Then I started adding layers of color.

phase 2 adding color to the canvas

Most of the colors of the original photograph were incorporated into the finished piece to really capture the memory of being in Italy on that beautiful sunny day.

phase 3 color on the canvas

Then it was time for my favorite part of the painting process, adding the details to make the charcuterie board really pop.



My favorite elements were the charcuterie board (obviously) and their faces. I love capturing that special moment of pure happiness with someone you love. And the pop of teal on the table ties everything together for me. This was definitely a trip AND a special anniversary gift I'm sure Marc and Nicole will cherish forever.

The final painting

The final painting

Capturing moments like this are why I paint food! That charcuterie board is long gone, but Marc and Nicole can keep the memory forever.

Do you have a favorite food memory with someone you love? Are you looking for a creative and unique anniversary gift for someone special? Head over to my commissions page and let's get started on YOUR custom painting.