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Your commission painting should be the most precious piece of art in your home, which is why I am committed to working closely with you to make sure it’s everything you dreamed of, and quite frankly, worth the time and money you’re investing in it. Our free one-on-one phone consultation sets expectations and establishes whether we’re ready to move forward with the commission. Once your 50% deposit is paid, it is non-refundable as it goes toward my time and materials to begin your custom painting. If during our project, you decide not to continue with your commission, the project will stop and the remaining payment will no longer be due. Once the final payment is made and your painting ships, no refunds will be offered. Consistent communication from me about the progress of your commission as well as edits based on your notes should keep this from ever being an issue. I’m committed to creating the highest quality art to capture your memories and give you the kitchen décor of your dreams.