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original paintings

For me, food is memory. All of my paintings represent memories from my table and are inspired by a lifetime of enjoying the happiest moments with my friends and family. I hope they spark memories for you too.

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Each of my prints is inspired by one of my favorite food memories with my family and friends. I hope you'll find one that sparks one of your favorite memories, maybe of a special birthday celebration or cherished family tradition.

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I'm on a mission to help my food-loving clients capture their most treasured food memories in a custom painting for their home or as an extremely personal and meaningful gift so they can cherish the memories long after the meal is over.

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< I'm Laurel

A food-obsessed artist specializing in capturing and celebrating your most treasured food moments so you can savor the memories long after the meal is over.



Nai with wings painting.JPG

"I wanted something special to celebrate a special moment with my girlfriend, and Laurel went above and beyond. She was attentive, detailed, and added details and stylistic choices that made so much sense to the experience that I was trying to convey. Laurel's artwork is truly special--I am grateful for our piece and it is a wonderful addition to our home."

sue with her kitchen drawing.JPG

"The line art drawing is a perfect reproduction of our vacation home's kitchen... it reminds us of the kitchen in our vacation home that we love."