5 Facts About Me

Laurel Greenfield

Happy Friday! I've shared a lot of artwork on this site, but I wanted to share a little more about myself for any of you wondering "who is this girl and why is she so obsessed with painting food." Here are 5 fun facts about the girl on the other end of the paintbrush:

1. I didn't go to art school!

I went to BU for Hospitality and then got my Masters in Gastronomy (I basically have a graduate degree in food!) at BU as well.

2. When I'm not painting I'm a tour guide at Bites of Boston Food Tours

Join me for delicious tastings with a side of Boston history! We give tours in Boston's historic South End and in Allston, which is where I live.

Cheese and wine tasting at Formaggio in the South End

Cheese and wine tasting at Formaggio in the South End

3. I've also worked at Sweet Cheeks Q near Fenway Park.

Go get a biscuit and ask for the coloring sheet I drew for them!

4. I'm a little obsessed with dim sum.

Fried pork buns are my favorite.

5. My best friend and I have matching fork and spoon tattoos


And now you know more about me. Hopefully my food-obsession is a little clearer! 🍦🍕