The Unique Power of Ice Cream

Laurel Greenfield

I don't think I've ever met anyone who doesn't like ice cream or who doesn't have happy nostalgic memories associated with it. And unlike other childhood memories, I would venture to say that the memory of hearing the ice cream truck come down the road only has happy thoughts associated with it.

ice cream phone background.jpg

This year for National Ice Cream Month, I’m wondering what it is about ice cream that puts a smile on everyone’s face.  Besides the magical combination of dairy and sugar, here’s what ice cream means to me:

For me, there are few desserts that are as emotionally charged. And I think that's because the memories associated with ice cream don't stop at our favorite flavors. They involve every aspect of the ice cream experience: the excitement of your parents asking if you want to go get some, the anticipation and flavor decision making process, the race to eat it before it melts and glides down your fingers on a hot summer day.

Ice cream parlors are the site of much family bonding. My favorite ice cream place growing up in Atlanta was Brewster's. There were a few locations and all of them had two walk up windows and a small patio to eat your ice cream outside. My brother and sister favored the dinosaur or dirt sundaes, but I had my usual: chocolate peanut butter chip in a cup. We spent A LOT of time there!

Brewster's was my favorite, but Baskin Robbins holds a special place in my heart too. It's where we went the night before I started kindergarten, the same night I met my childhood best friend, Melissa and her parents. It's also where my family's favorite ice cream cake is from. If my Aunt Phyllis could live strictly on Evian and Baskin Robbins chocolate chip ice cream cake I know she would. I've seen her and several other family members attack a whole ice cream cake fresh out of the box more times than I can remember. At any given moment there are at least 12 pints of ice cream in her freezer. I am not exaggerating.

I used to spend my Christmas break in Puerto Rico with my family and there were several years on New Year's Eve where one lucky hotel employee had the task of picking up our beloved Baskin Robbins ice cream cake to bring back for us. Here's a photo of me eating it off the tray. I definitely learned from the best.

Who needs a plate right?

Who needs a plate right?

I've painted a lot of ice cream art over the years. I think without even realizing it, I've been trying to capture my most nostalgic memories. In the moment, each bowl of ice cream or slice of ice cream cake is a simple joy, but time turns the memory into something bigger. Painting it helps turn those intangible feelings into something I can hold.

I think that's why my ice cream paintings and prints are among my most popular. Ice cream is pure joy and never fails to bring up stories for people who add an ice cream print to their collection. It injects a little happiness into everyday life, and that’s what I want to achieve with my art.  Art, like ice cream, should bring joy and happiness to you every single day.

If all this ice cream talk is making you crave some ice cream art, you can check out my available ice cream prints HERE. You deserve to have something unique, nostalgic, and beautiful to make your house truly feel like home. Go find the piece that speaks to YOUR memories!