I Hate Pink But...

Laurel Greenfield

As you might've seen on Instagram I've been working on my pie series for the last couple of weeks. I'm painting three 16x20 pies which will make their debut at the Sowa Winter Market starting on Friday November 30th!

What's weird about these paintings is they're very pink... which is odd to me because I don't really consider myself a "pink person." In my head, pink falls into the "cuteness" category, which is a category I'm constantly trying to keep myself out of as 5'2" girl who gets called "cute" and "little" quite frequently. "Cute" isn't usually used as a negative word but it just makes me feel like a little kid. It makes me feel small and like I'm not a twenty-something woman creating an art business out of her apartment.

In my head, I'm an "orange person" or a "teal person" who only uses strong, vibrant colors that make me feel big and bright and in control.

But the thing is, I don't really have as much control over my colors as it seems from the outside. I mean, sure, I'm the artist and my hands are what actually do the painting, but sometimes the painting just demands to be a certain color. I don't really know how best to explain it.

I was explaining this to my mom over text and she asked if it's a voice in my head or a vision or a feeling. I guess it's closest to a vision. I put down the first layer of colors, which are almost always big and bold. But then those colors ask for the next colors and I listen and layer.

And sometimes the colors ask for pink. And I listen. And I end up with a painting made up of bold vibrant layers holding up the softer "cuter" ones. And oddly enough, I think I kind of like it.

pink pie paint.JPG