Commission Story: Buffalo Wings, A Love Story

CommissionsLaurel GreenfieldComment

Around the holidays last year, Nai asked me to make a very special gift for her girlfriend Michelle. She and Michelle share a love of wings so naturally that was the subject of choice for her custom painting. Nai told me exactly how they like their wings: with extra celery and extra blue cheese so I made sure to add those details so they could always look at their painting and think of their favorite times spent together sharing their favorite food!

First we started with the perfect, mouth-watering reference photos.


Then I sketched, making sure to include that extra celery and blue cheese

Then it was time to add some color

wings in progress.jpg
wings in progress paint.jpg

Finally, I added the last layers with highlights and some scallions.


Then it was ready for pick up!


Then the best part, it gets to live in its new home and remind Nai and Michelle of their happiest moments together! It was the perfect unique and meaningful gift for the holidays.

nai screenshot.jpg

Thank you, Nai and Michelle, for letting me create something so special for your home!

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